New year, new resolutions to watch more shows, time to make new fandom friends! There hasn't been a multi-fandom meme for a little while, so I thought it was as good a start to 2011 as any :)

Please cross post anywhere and everywhere you like - but please don't spam comms that usually don't welcome memes!

<b>Age (optional):</b>
<b>Shows you watch that are on air:</b>
<b>Shows you love that are no longer on air:</b>
<b>What are your other fandoms? (movies, books etc):</b>
<b>Favourite actors:</b>
<b>Favourite actresses:</b>
<b>Favorite characters:</b>
<b>What's in your LJ?:</b>
<b>Do you read or write fanfic?:</b>
<b>Best fandom-related gift you gave/received this Christmas:</b>
<b>What fandom have you resolved to try in 2011?</b>
<b>Cons you are attending in 2011 (if any):</b>
<b>Random image or gif is random:</b>

From: [identity profile]

Name: Mary
Location: England
Age (optional): Early 20's
Shows you watch that are on air: Sanctuary, Doctor Who, 30 Rock, NCIS, Skins, Downton Abbey (it's getting another series - w00t!). Um yeah, everything else I was getting into got cancelled this year. Familiar? LOL...
Shows you love that are no longer on air: *deep breath* Stargate SG-1, The X-Files, Firefly, Twin Peaks, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Bleak House, Upstairs Downstairs, JAG, Star Trek: Voyager, Scrubs, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Friends aaaand a bunch more that I will probably remember after I've posted this!
What are your other fandoms? (movies, books etc): Period/costume drama of any kind, Discworld (especially the Sky One adaptation of Going Postal - HEARTS IT), Sherlock Holmes, ice hockey, tennis (Nadal all the way), Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pixar
Favourite actors: David Duchovny, Richard Coyle, Richard Dean Anderson, Bruce Willis
Favourite actresses: Amanda Tapping, Gillian Anderson, Claire Foy, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker
Favorite characters: Scully, Samantha Carter, Captain Janeway, Helen Magnus, Jack O'Neill, Adora Belle Dearheart, Yoda, Captain Tightpants, Laura Roslin, Glorfindel, Coop (Twin Peaks), Liz Lemon, Eleven, Rory, Katie & Emily (Skins), Princess Leia, Chevron Guy
Ships?: Sam/Jack, Mulder/Scully, Magnus/Druitt, Mac/Harm, Moist/Adora, Katniss/everyone, Booth/Brennan, Eleven/fez/mop.
What's in your LJ?: Mostly personal stuff; my cooking escapades, my job (I work for a comic book/tv/movie tie in publisher so it can be pretty interesting when it wants to be), occasional fandom flail, travel diaries, life in London, art... really it's a mixed bag - sorry LOL :p
Likes: Human beings for the most part, costuming, Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb, astronomy, travel, photography, steampunk, sci fi and fantasy literature, knitting/sewing/crafting in general, snarky webcomics, fairy tales, forests, languages, history - especially Chinese and ancient civillisations
Dislikes: Arrogance, racism, sexism, homophobia, carrots, people who chew with their mouth open, drugs, continuity errors
Do you read or write fanfic?: Both. At the moment I'm only reading/writing SG-1 fic.
Best fandom-related gift you gave/received this Christmas: I gave what I thought was a pretty nifty Doctor Who t-shirt from ThinkGeek and I received two amazing shirts: Horcrux Collectors Club and the now legendary Frakking Awful ( shirt!
What fandom have you resolved to try in 2011? Farscape; I say it every year and damnit, it never happens! I also need to finish The West Wing.... AND FINISH READING DISCWORLD!
Cons you are attending in 2011 (if any): None on the cards but I am swinging by AT% in the evening to hang out with some folks in the hotel. Tempted by the Irish Discworld Convention but we'll see...
Random image or gif is random: Gif of the frakkin' year! XD
Image (
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From: [identity profile]

If we weren't already friends I'd totally friend you based on this ;)

But really I wanted to say WATCH FARSCAPE!! I've watched 2 seasons in a week and frak me if it isn't one of the best things I've ever watched. Do it :D

From: [identity profile]

LMAO - thank you! :)

It's genuinely not something I've been skiving off on - I watch it every time it comes on tv and I'm home. I've just literally never been able to afford the box sets. I've been convinced of its awesomeness for quite some time!

From: [identity profile]

The convention in question is, of course, AT5 and not AT% - which I am certain would be some sort of fantastic mathematical Star Wars gathering, but is not currently an actual event.

From: [identity profile]

aaaww Mac/Harm. I miss that ship. There may be a JAG thon in my near future...

From: [identity profile]

I miss it too... most fic-able ship ever in my opinion!

I totally approve of JAG marathons! Let me know when you have one so I can flail at you ;)


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