Date: 2011-01-02 12:56 am (UTC)
Name: Gemma
Location: Essex, United Kingdom
Age (optional): Late 30's but feel way younger
Shows you watch that are on air: Primeval, Doctor Who, any and all cooking shows, Misfits
Shows you love that are no longer on air: Red Dwarf, Being Human, Stargate Atlantis, Desperate Romantics, Firefly/Serenity, Moonlight, True Blood, Torchwood, Red Dwarf
What are your other fandoms? (movies, books etc): Terry Pratchett, David Eddings, Rocky Horror Picture Show, medieval history, Labyrinth, Neverending Story, ET
Favourite actors: Alex O'Loughlin, Ben Stiller, Andrew Lee-Potts, Matt Smith, Aiden Turner, Russel Tovey
Favourite actresses: Lenora Crichlow, Billie Piper, Hannah Spearritt, Elisabeth Sladen, Katy Manning
Favorite characters: Donna Noble, Abby Maitland, River Tam, Kaylee Frye, Mal Reynolds, Jayne Cobb, The Doctor, Mick St John, Spike
Ships?: Jayne/Kaylee
What's in your LJ?: My life, my universe, my everything
Likes: Birdwatching, cross-stitch, gardening, the countryside
Dislikes: Heights, spiders, rhubarb
Do you read or write fanfic?: I occasionally write Doctor Who/Red Dwarf crossover
Best fandom-related gift you gave/received this Christmas: I recieved a massive TARDIS mug and some Fourth Doctor DVD's, and I sent someone a life-size cardboard TARDIS
What fandom have you resolved to try in 2011? Haha, no idea! Let's see what turns up :)
Cons you are attending in 2011 (if any): I'm busy saving up for the 2012 Discworld Con!
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